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Jiangsu Xiongfeng Technology Co.,Ltd.


Jiangsu xiongfeng technology Co.,Ltd. is a modern enterprise, with scientific research,production and trade as a body . It lies in the zhengyu industrial park of haimen city,and the total investment reaches more than 120 million RMB,with a land area over 80000M2,and a total covered area over 25000m2 ,and the annual production capacity of cobalt products is 1000 tons metal.there are 178 employers and among them,there are 68 technicians and 18 personnel with advanced titles (including professors).It has a geographic predominance, and lies to the river and the sea,and owns our port mand faces the international metropolis –shanghai on the other bank of the river.with convenient traffic.


Our corporation is garden-like factory,and twitter with a scenery of water flowing beneath a small bridge ,and between them there are dotted flowers in the whole four seasons .a wow of modern workshops row upon row,which shows an elegant picture with a high-tech modern chemical enterprise combined with the nature.

The company has a team of first-rate experts and scholars about cobalt nickel,hard alloy in china,with their special knowledge instructing the management and quality control the corporation. The corporation invested large amounts of money to open technological development center , equipped with some high-tech test devices such a high frequency infrared oxygen analyzer, an atom-absorbing spectrophotometer, a laser particle analyzer and etc., which lay a foundation for the quality control and test to the whole process from the material inward operation,medium production and product lnward inward operation.

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